Sergio Farfan


I’m a 66 year old “Latino” gay man, born and raised in México City. I came to this country in 1984 as a graduate student at Oklahoma State for an MAS degree {Master of Administrative Studies}, also having a Bachelors and Masters in Architecture from Instituto Politecnico Nacional in México City. I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1991. In December of 1992 I became ill and was diagnosed with an HIV opportunistic infection and spent almost 6 weeks at the hospital with a 2% survival rate. When I left the hospital I was told that in six months everything would be over. From that time until the summer of 1996 I lived with an average of 2 TC. Then I began taking Protease Inhibitors in 1996, and after 3 months I was undetectable with 700 TC, and have been this way ever since. When I realized that I was not going to die, I decided to start getting involved with the HIV community, and started helping and giving back some of my personal experience and education. I feel honored to be part of NMAC’s CAP.