About LAAN
LAAN’s MISSION: The Louisiana AIDS Network, Inc. amplifies the voices of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their allies in Louisiana through advocacy and education.

LAAN’s VALUES: LAAN strives to provide strategic leadership in HIV advocacy that is powerful, effective, committed and inclusive, done with integrity using factual information in order to galvanize the advocacy efforts of PLWH’s, and to influence those who make policy decisions.

LAAN’s VISION: LAAN will improve the lives of Louisianans affected by HIV by:
•Coordinating advocacy efforts of our membership in order to                have the greatest impact possible.

•Working tirelessly to provide holistic advocacy, support, and counseling for those affected by this epidemic.

•Providing advocacy in all areas that challenge people living with HIV (PLWH) in Louisiana including medical treatment, counseling, legal assistance, housing assistance, and job placement. Connecting people to available services and programs they need to improve their lives.

•Valuing and reflecting the diversity our communities and those affected by HIV. Imbuing our work with a sense of inclusivity and respecting the experience, skills, and challenges that PLWH’s in Louisiana, staff, and volunteers live with each day.